Pros and Cons of modifying your car

Modifying your car is an excellent way to make it unique and different. You can do all sorts of things like installing new rims, changing the colour of the paint, or adding some aftermarket accessories like neon lights. The possibilities are endless with these modifications!

However, there are drawbacks that you might not be expecting when modifying your car. So before deciding whether or not to go ahead and change your current vehicle, you must weigh both the pros and cons of altering.


Pros of modifying your car

Unique appeal

One of the biggest advantages of modifying your car is that it will give you a unique appeal. You can easily stand out among everyone else with your vehicle since there aren’t many people who would have the same modifications as you. This is one of the most important ways to make yourself happy, and if this will do it for you, then there is no reason not to go ahead and modify your ride.


Improving performance

Another good thing about modifying your car is that it can improve its overall performance. For example, installing new aftermarket rims will give you a better grip of the road, allowing you to have greatly improved control over your vehicle since it won’t be sliding or slipping out on you while driving.


Increasing the value of your car

Modifying your car can also help increase its resale value, or even just it is everyday use-value. For example, you might buy a new type of mod that is quite popular and will attract other customers to purchase it from you when they need one for their cars.


Replacement of outdated parts

Lastly, modifying your car can be an excellent way to replace obsolete parts that might not work as well anymore. This is especially the case when you want to trade-in or sell your vehicle, and they ask for it to have all of the original aftermarket parts still on it.


Cons of modifying your car

Appearance issues

Unfortunately, some bad things modifying your ride might do to it. For one thing, some of these modifications can decrease the overall appearance of your vehicle. In addition, these modifications usually involve putting on accessories like neon lights which will make your car look tacky instead of sleek and clean. This is not the look that you wanted to achieve for your vehicle.


Exhaust fumes and effects on the environment

Another significant disadvantage to modifying your car is that it can affect its exhaust fumes and its effect on the environment. Some modifications like adding a louder muffler will make more noise pollution, which can be bad for those living close to you.

Making modifications might also affect the overall emissions that your car will emit into the atmosphere, affecting global warming and climate change. This shouldn’t be ignored, especially if you’re concerned about helping out planet earth.


Aesthetic issues

Lastly, some modifications like changing the colour of your vehicle or repainting it will give you some aesthetic issues. These modifications might look nice at first, but after some time, you might notice that the colour of your car is fading or becoming old. This can be bad for the appearance of your ride and can also make it less appealing to drive around in.


What else to consider before doing modifications to your car?

If you want to modify your car but aren’t sure about it, there are some other things that you should consider before doing so. For one thing, check with your insurance company to see if they cover the modifications that you plan on putting on your vehicle. This is important since modifying your ride might increase its overall value, and it would be a shame if you couldn’t get compensated for it. Check out this article which covers dangers and pitfalls of modifying your car which goes into great detail.


Another thing to consider is the overall effect of these modifications on your car. When making alterations to your ride, try to balance out the pros and cons that might come up from them. Look at all of the positive effects of doing modifications before you go through with them, and see which disadvantages they might bring before you make a final decision.


It’s not just an individual preference; modifying your car can have both positive and negative effects. The pros of doing this are that it increases performance in some aspects like grip or control; improves the resale value; replaces obsolete parts, and has aesthetic benefits to make your vehicle look sleek and clean. On the other hand, though, cons include decreased appearance (especially when adding accessories), exhaust fumes (increasing noise pollution for those living close to you), and environmental impacts such as increased emissions into the atmosphere. If you’re still interested in modifying your ride but want to know more about what you might be getting yourself into first, then consider consulting with the insurance company before making any changes or checking out our blog post on how to modify a motorcycle!


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