QueenzFlip Is The Man On Instagram WHO LOSES HIS MIND When Any Hip-Hop Song Comes On During A Car Ride!!! See THE BEST OF HIM In This WILD & HILARIOUS Video!!!

QueenzFlip is a rapper author and entrepreneur, or at least that is what his bio says. But the interesting thing about him is that he loses his mind when a song comes on the radio.

He starts jamming, rapping dancing in the car, making everybody in the car go crazy, and then he shares the video with the rest of the world. He does some insane moves in the car, but his wife seems to enjoy it.

At one point QueenzFlip is making the move like stuffing her in the head, and she is all happy and smiling. We encourage more people to do videos like this, because as we all do, when a nice song comes on the radio while driving, we start singing with some high pitch voice or do some interesting dance moves that we never do outside the car.

The video is great for sharing driving experience, doesn’t matter what kind of experience it is, maybe we will learn some new dance moves that we didn’t do before. Just be careful of the other driver’s maybe they will start laughing when they see you dancing in the car like crazy.


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