MINI SUPERBIKE….RARE & Very Collectible 1950 Cushman Motor Scooter: GRAB IT & RIDE IT!

Have you ever heard about Cushman scooter, we bet that you have because the company is manufacturing scooters since 1913 and today is a specialized for industrial, personal and custom vehicles. Originally the Cushman Company was started in Lincoln, Nebraska, and today is still running but in Augustin, Georgia and it is owned by Textron. Enough with history let’s see what we have here.

What to say, just look at him, a real masterpiece of engineering like he left the manufacturing line yesterday. Honestly we’ve never seen before so beautiful restoration, as the owner claimed he was only a basket of rusty parts! What a skilled man, he done the job perfectly.

Not even just the look, but listen to the small engine how it is ringing, and that beautiful chromed exhaust packing the sound and adding even more beautiful notes. We bet that this 1950 Cushman Scooter is for sale. We want one of these retro scooters to transport us back and forth to work!

Play the video bellow and see the beautiful restoration and share with us if you know more technical details.


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