Revamp My Ride – 7 Upgrades To Make Your Vehicle Awesome


If you’re crazy about cars but don’t have the extra cash for a new ride, modification is the way forward. You can make minor adjustments or huge changes for way cheaper than buying the freshest new set of wheels with the highest spec. if you’re looking for speed, better performance, and superior style, follow our tips below.


  1. Make It Roar

A sick engine needs to be backed up by a fierce and fiery exhaust. The larger the pipes can mean the higher the power but there are other pros to having a decent exhaust system. You’ll need a pipe that can match the power of the gases being pulsated from the engine so the bigger the better to increase the velocity from the exhaust. If you’re into off-roading and SUVs check out these 2021 ford bronco exhaust systems that offer huge power and provide a sound that would make your grandmother’s glasses fall off.


  1. Get Some New Wheels

A set of shiny new wheels will instantly have your car looking ten times more superior. If you’ve got some cash to splash, order a custom set to make you stand out from the crowd. Once your rims are looking high-class, you’ll need to sort yourself with some new tires. Not only will the crisp, black rubber look good, they will also offer you increased grip, aka more protection. There’s no use in upgrading your car if it doesn’t function properly.


  1. Add A Reversing Camera…

Revamping your car is all well and good but keeping it in mint condition can prove difficult. Add a reversing camera and you’ll be able to see where you’re going so you can squeeze your vehicle into those tight little spots with no trouble at all, keeping your car scratch-free in the process.


  1. …And A Dashcam

A reverse camera isn’t the only video device you need. A highly spec modified car is valuable and car thieves are rife. Investing in a dashcam will keep your wheels safe from burglars. Not only good for preventing theft, a dashcam is also useful if you get into any accidents that aren’t your fault. You’ll be able to hand the footage over to the authorities and your insurance company to ensure you get a pay-out.


  1. Smash Your Sound System

If you’re looking to fill your vehicle with friends, a good sound system is essential. One of the fun things about modifying cars (especially if they’re older) is adding new tech to transform it entirely. Getting rid of that old tape deck is a no-brainer, but it’s hard to know where to start with speakers. Full-on subwoofers in the boot are ideal, but if you’re on a budget a decent click-in stereo with Bluetooth should tide you over, so long as the existing speakers you have can pack a bit of a bass punch. Now all you have to do is make the perfect playlist!



  1. Swap Out Your Hoses

While it is important for your car to look cool, it also needs to run to maximum capacity. If you’ve switched to a turbocharged engine and bigger exhausts, your hoses will need to keep up. Replace your rubber ones with superior silicone, which can withstand higher temperatures. Cracked old hoses will only cause you problems further down the line, so add this tip to the top of your priority list.


  1. Upgrade Your Interiors

Last but not least, a plush interior is vital. Seat Covers are a must for older cars. Dusty and stained seats are not a good look, and sleek now seat covers are a cheap and easy fix. Match the color scheme to your bodywork for a polished, coordinated appearance, and make sure you pick ones that are super comfy. If you’re a petrol-head, it’s likely that you spend most of your time in your car seat so a luxurious feel is a must!

Add new floor mats to your footwells to keep your car looking clean. There’s nothing worse than jumping in a high-end ride to find mud and garbage all over the floor so purchase a portable bin that can be hidden in the footwell of the backseats.

Keeping the car smelling fresh is key, so invest in a good quality air freshener to hang in your wheels. Cheap little scented trees can smell nasty and basic so splash out on a special scent to make your motor stand out. There are tons of brands online that sell scents based on popular aftershaves or classy candles.


What’s your favorite car mod in your vehicle? Share in the comments to inspire your fellow fanatics!




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