FLAWLESS Rezvani Beast Carbon Fiber Supercar With 500hp AT 2015 SEMA Motor Show – CAN YOU SAY ANYTHING AGAINST IT?!

Every color is nice, but red is red. Here we filmed a red supercar with 500 hp. Do you know which car is it? Please let us present you the Rezvani Beast.

The Rezvani Beast is very beautiful and good looking. It is a very unique type of a car, with very special design. The paintjob is very good, they chose the nicest color- red. I can say that the interior is made with patience. You can see by how nicely built it is. There is no word that can describe the beauty of the interior. The Rezvani Beast holds a 2.4L supercharged engine. It has power of 500 hp, and 374lb-ft of torque. Also the transmission is manual with 6 speed. The Beast goes from 0-100 km/h for only 2.7 seconds. The best thing about this car is that it’s really fast, but also that the chassis is made of carbon steel. I’m already in love in this car!

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