RYAN TUERCK SHREDS BURKE MOUNTAIN Pushing His 600HP Engine To The Limits!!! This Is The Ultimate Toyota Scion FRS Drift Road!

Racing to the top of a mountain is one thing, but doing that while drifting, that brings it to a whole new level. Many people have complained about the new Toyota GT86/Scion FR-S since it was revealed, about her engine. People say that with the 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine Toyota has made a big mistake and that the engine is underpowered. But today we are here to prove you all wrong.

Testing the Scion FRS, we have Ryan Tuerck, professional driver and the owner of the new Toyota Scion FRS. And the road where he’s going to test his Scion FRS is the ultimate testing ground for this Scion. Vermont Mountain is the ultimate destination that Ryan Tuerck chose for his new Toyota.

From outside, we can’t see much of the Toyota, it looks normal, but when we look inside we can see that he has modifies the whole car. The inside has that classic drag racing car look with the cage and everything, and he had modified the safety brake and the gear shifter, to be more practical while he is driving and drifting in high speed. What’s impressive about this car is the 600 horsepower that it has. From the bottom to the top Ryan Tuerck not only drove with really high speed on what you can see to be a really tight road, but he drove while drifting the whole way! And that for me is a true skill and what it seems unbelievable and really dangerous. All in all we can see that he had a great time and that he was really satisfied and happy about his new Toyota Scion FRS.


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