BEHOLD THE T-REX AMONG TRUCKS AT SEMA 2015: Lifted Chevy Duramax On American Force Wheels With Scary Looks!!!

Lifted trucks have become a new trend among the car builders and there is a reason for that. If somebody has too much money and he wants to waste them on lifted truck, no problem for the garage guys.

They will use their imagination and make a truck like no other. This Chevrolet Duramax is а lifted truck and we don’t believe that there is one more Duramax looking like this one. It is lifted from the ground to the base of the car 75 centimeters. It is a little too much for a truck but who are we to judge, we only like lifted trucks and powerful engines.

And this truck has one powerful engine that gives enough output power to move this monster machine anywhere you need it to go. Red shiny paint on the chassis is making it look like an eye candy and the silvered five ends rims are adding points to the look of this lifted truck. This Chevy Duramax doesn’t have the adjustable rear and front shocks but why do you need to adjust them anyway, it is so high that you can barely get inside to drive it. Check it out here:


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