Some AMAZING MOMENTS From BEHIND THE SCENES Of Furious 7: Better Hurry Up To See This Action FAST!!!

There is a release of a video that is featuring the behind the scenes of Furious 7 acting and some fighting too. The movies that involve a lot of violence are not really being shot in real time and the actors are not really fighting and slaying anyone on the go. This is what we all know but what we don’t know is how these scenes are being taken and how the aftereffects studios can make such a huge difference on them. The large budget movies like the Fast and Furious movies have bought the most powerful computers in the industry and they have the best software that can generate an image out of nothing. Just the green screen behind the actors is needed to take the footage and the actors slightly touching themselves with the imaginary weapons.

After they have finished the fake fighting we can see in the behind the scenes of Furious 7 video how the after effects have been applied. There are the two actors that are pretending to be fighting and they are holding fake weapons in their hands. If you compare this fake scene with the real one you can see where the computer generated reality has gone and what is placed where it doesn’t belong.

It is good to understand how the movies are made and this is a great example from the behind the scenes of Furious 7. In these movies we can see a lot of stunts that really are not done in real life. These are all computer made scenes that look like the real life scenes just to make the amusement higher and the adrenaline level higher too. Thanks to the visual effects now we have much better movies to watch and much better actors than before too, it seems like anybody could be an actor today.


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