SPARKLING SCENE OF “50-50 Grind”: Watch RJ Anderson XP1K3 Replicate A Popular Skateboard Trick In His TRICKED OUT POLARIS RZR!!!

This hell of a ride was done by a professional stunt driver, so any attempts to do this same stunt at home will result with big damage.

That’s why at the beginning of the video, there is a disclaimer that says the same thing. This is one heavily modified vehicle, that is able to withstand any condition and any kind of driving, all-terrain vehicle that will get you anywhere that you want to go with it.

Here on the video we have this Polaris RZR ATV which is fine-tuned for making crazy and dangerous stunts, just to show how durable it is and to raise our adrenaline level a little bit. This crazy stunt was made by a pro stunt driver, not some street driver who just wants fun. He is driving through an old house, and at the end of the second floor there is a rail that leads straight to the ground down.

The interesting thing about this stunt is that the ATV will not be driving on the rails with the tires, the vehicle will slide down the rails on the suspension rods.

This is one crazy ride, with the sparks from the metals grinding.


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