Why Is Suv Cars More Demanding By Indian People?

How come SUV Cars are overtaking the sedans and other 4-wheelers in 2022? In fact, mid-size ones are more in demand by Indian auto buyers, which will increase, of course. Why? Let’s take you on a journey of reasons later in the blog. According to Ravi Bhatia, President of JATO Dynamics, “SUVs are a long-term trend that will continue to overtake hatchback cars in India in 2022.” In a published interview Ashutosh Pandey (CEO Mahindra First Choice Wheels) said spilling demand for this one particular car category is also high in the used car market too published in Times of India.

The proximity of small or micro-SUV Cars in India has increased in the past 2-3 years. Thus, apparently affecting the demand-supply market chain in the country by different carmakers. The current line-up in 2022 has recognized more competitive opportunities among car manufacturers. If it is your next car aspiration, find the best Droom as it will help you evaluate all your needs on comfort, features, and budget.


The Reasons for The Demand and Popularity of SUV Cars

The Indian automobile market has witnessed an ever-growing demand for SUVs. Why? The reasons are here below to know more about it.


  • Bold and Rugged Nature

The rugged and bold design of Top SUV cars makes it impossible to miss them on-road. These are well structured with intensively bold exteriors and finishing that attracts car buyers. SUVs in India are style and lifestyle status 4-wheelers which are worth all the penny the Indian car buyers pay to own them.


  • High Ground Clearance

The high ground clearance delivers improved performance potential better on and off-road trails. The waterlogged roads in India often affect the car’s working; thus, these beasts of cars prove to be the best solution to easily pass-through waterlogged streets.


  • Key Attributes and Features

SUV Cars in India are feature-rich, making the driving experience comfortable and practical. The idealized interiors with advanced technology specifications make them the best cars on a budget, especially the mini-SUVs in the Indian automotive market. That super efficiency of features makes driving easy, safe, and comfortable for drivers and co-passengers even in long route journeys.


  • Comfortable Seating Capacity

Manufacturers are replicating the seating arrangement of 5-seater sedan and hatchback cars to cater to the small family requirements. Thus, further bifurcating the respective segment with MUV, mini-SUV, TUV and others. However, the 7-seaters remain a hot favourite, making them suitable for large families for comfortable travelling.


  • Driver’s Seats High in Level

High seating efficiency for drivers makes driving safe and comfortable on Indian roads. That gives the driver maximum visibility in front, especially on narrow roads and traffic jams. This is also an important reason for car buyers to explore for the best SUV Car Price in recent times.


  • Excellent Safety Is Promised

Among the list of Best SUV Cars, safety is a prime aspect for buyers, which is important. Small SUVs are somehow lacking behind in safety level compared with sedan or hatchback 4-wheelers. More safety is promised with sturdy structures, dual airbags, high seating positions, etc.


  • Dynamic Specifications

SUV Cars in India are developed with well-sorted dynamics to enjoy driving with excellent safety. The high engine performance, reliable mileage, valuable features, good steering handling, etc., together make them the first-choice car today. Thus, ensuring high off-road capabilities.


  • Premium Price

Earlier SUVs were out of the budget of most car buyers, but today that expensive label is out of trend. The launch of small SUVs especially makes every auto-buyer happy to have that classic driving. Meanwhile, the demand for SUV Cars in the past few years has raised competition; thus, top SUV cars by trustable carmakers have been introduced at reasonable prices.


The Best SUV Cars in 2022


Here are the top selling ones for the year 2022:

  • Renault Kiger
  • Mahindra XUV700
  • Tata Punch
  • Toyota Fortuner
  • Tata Nexon
  • Mahindra Scorpio
  • Hyundai Creta
  • Kia Seltos
  • Maruti Vitara Breeza
  • Tata Harrier
  • Kia Sonet
  • Hyundai Venue

The demand and popularity of SUV Cars in India today is at its peak. That magnificent look and great features let car buyers in the country have a range of SUVs options to pick the best one for their precise set of requirements. While earlier, the price constraint might put off many from buying their dream car, today, you can buy your favourite car for your precise set of requirements.


Turn your dream of owning an SUV car into reality with the Used Car market

Gone are the days when due to pricing you had to put off your plan of owning an SUV car. Today, you can find some of the best high-performance buying options within your budget with ease. If you are not sure about buying a second-hand SUV car due to performance or pricing doubts, it is time to keep aside all those worries to enjoy the 21st-century seamless buying journey.

When it comes to the used car market, the three major doubts for buyers are price, performance, and vehicle history. With the traditional journey, you were never sure of any of it and had to get professional help or put your trust in the words of the sellers. As a result, you were always second guessing your purchase. Today, you get certified reports for credible answers. All your queries and questions are well answered within the buying itself. Worried about the used vehicle valuation? Relax, the 21st century AI machine learning tools generate an unbiased value with seconds for free based on the precise vehicle condition.

Now, what about the performance or condition? As we said, it is a 21st-century buying journey with sophisticated solutions. Droom, an automobile e-commerce platform, for example, carries out 1100 points inspection check-ups for every vehicle it lists online. Buyers get access to all the pertinent details on the go to make an informed decision. The used car market has been revamped with tech integration to bring in transparency and unbiased solutions for buyers.

So, be it a Toyota Fortuner, Tata Nexon, Maruti Vitara Brezza, Kia Sonet,  Hyundai Venue, or any of your favourite cars, you can find a high-performance car within your budget with ease. So, save time, save money, and enjoy life in the fast lane with your favourite car.


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