SWEET LITTLE CHEVY BEL AIR Restored By The Amazing Wheeler Dealers! WOW, Another Great Job Edd!!!

This is the gang of two, the Wheeler Dealers that have bought the Chevy Bel Air and they are looking to make some profit. This is the show where the older but not forgotten cars get another chance in their life. It is nice to see such an experienced mechanic to work on the Chevy and also such an experienced seller to deal with it. Here on this show the one person is making the deal, buying and selling the car and the other one works on it. After that the profit is evenly split and then they are ready to buy a new car with the money made from the Chevrolet Bel Air.

The Bel Air is a big car, it is not the normal city daily driver that some of us like. It is massive with a large body shell that will take some time to get it used to. So where would you find a car that is coming from the 1950s and it should be in a solid state at least? The Web is the answer and the man that is making the deals is going to search it too. With giving the right conditions that he needs, shortly he finds a Chevy Bel Air that is fitting the requirements and it fits the allowed budget line as well. It is time for the buyer to take a ride to the owner and ask him a few questions about the car and maybe try to lower the price a little bit. He is always making that kind of move, the bargain should be in the way that it is not going to offend the seller. Respecting this rule he has made quite the deal on the Chevy Bel Air and now going happy to the mechanics shop just to shine the car.


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