Taking Care of Your Car Doors Yourself

Buying a car can be a pretty huge investment. These machines definitely make our lives easier, but they can also be a handful. Cars need regular maintenance to make sure that they stay in peak condition. We aren’t just talking about keeping their internals in good shape, you should also worry about keeping your car’s body in good shape as well. It is funny how something so expensive can be so delicate. Scratching a car’s paint of denting its body can be one of the easiest things that you can do.

It takes just one tiny dent or scratch to ruin a car’s aesthetics. Even the most miniscule mark will stand out. And the worst thing about dents and dings is that they are so hard to avoid. Even the most conscious owner will eventually discover a tiny blemish on your vehicle. The most common place for dings and scratches are your car doors. Car doors often end up bumping into things when they’re opened.

When you do find a dent on your car’s body, what can you do? Take your car to the nearest workshop for repairs? You can do that, there are plenty of options for door ding repair in Kansas City. But workshops will charge you a pretty penny for even the smallest repair job. You can save a lot of money by trying to de-dent your car door yourself. De-denting a car is a lot easier than you might think. All you need is a bit of patience and the will to save money by going all DIY on your vehicle.

Dealing With Dings

Out of all the types of damage that your car can sustain, dings are by far the least destructive. A ding is nothing more than a slight depression in your car’s body. They are mostly caused by something pointed bumping into your car. A majority of dings are shallow and they don’t even damage your car’s paintjob. If your car has dents that aren’t too deep, you can very well sort them out on your own.

DIY Approach

In order to de-dent any part of a car’s body, you need to be able to reach the dent from the opposite side of the damaged area. Normally, this is hard to manage since you have to dismantle your car in order to get there. However, doors are easier to de-dent because you can reach their back side easily. A majority of cars have doors that can be dismantled easily. You just need to remove their interior panel.

Removing the interior panel is quite simple. You just need to remove a few screws and then unclip the panel from the door. After you’ve done this, your car door’s back side should now be exposed. From here, you can locate the dented area and then push on it with a hard, blunt object. Something like a wooden broomstick handle or a rubber mallet can set most dents straight right away. Keep in mind that this method will only work for dents that are shallow.

Sometimes, even minor looking dings can be a bit stubborn. If you’re dealing with a dent that won’t come out then you can consider investing in a dent repair kit. Dent repair kits will still cost you far less than a trip to the workshop. And they can be pretty effective at dealing with mild to moderate dents. These kits provide you with a handful of tools that are very easy to use.

Dent Repair Kits

A dent repair kit will come with a suction pad that you place on the dented area. The suction pad is glued to place with a hot glue gun. Most repair kits will provide you with the hot glue as well. The suction pad is a pretty straightforward instrument. It has a threaded rod on one end that you pull on once the pad is in place. After being placed, you simply pull on the pad until it forces the dented part of your car’s body to pop back into place. This method can work wonders if you are patient.

After you’ve successfully de-dented your body, you should also consider investing in some kind of body filler. A few coats of priming and filling products can help get rid of any irregularities in your paintjob. If you know how to use body detailing products properly, you can even reverse paintjob damage. And the best thing about all this is that it will cost you only a fraction of what a workshop will charge you.

Knowing how to take care of your vehicle by yourself can really make maintenance affordable for you. And it also gives you a lot more control over when and how you keep your car in good condition.


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