THIS TIME It’s The “KING” Toyota Supra A80 In New Modified Legends Compilation! Gotta Love The 2JZ…ENGINEERING MASTERPIECE!

There is a new Toyota Supra A80 video that has been released and it consists a compilation of the modified legend car mods. That is a beauty to watch because all the great work has been gathered and shown at one place, where we can admire the cars, warship the owners and envy the mechanics who did all the work around the cars. The new Supra has become a legend too as the people who bought the Supra A80 saw the potential of this car and they have started to modify them and to use them as race cars. And why not exploit all that potential that the car offers, with a little work and money you can get the ultimate race car that will be able to take the GTR any time on the drag strip.

There is a fire spitting Supra too which was generous enough to spit some fire for us too. There is a huge amount of heat released from that exhaust, we bet that you could make barbeque on it after one minute of engine revving. The people that are around these cars want the same thing that we want, seeing the powerful engines to the test, either in place or in a race.

The Toyota Supra is great for doing burnouts too as the rear wheel drive has great differential mounted and it is stock. It delivers almost same amount of power to both wheels, just like the welded differential would do. That way doing a burnout will be much easier and the car will stay in one place too.

The engine of the new Supra doesn’t need too much upgrades either as it comes too powerful when stock and after installing the Fuel Tech Kit you will be half ready for racing on the drag race strip.


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