The Lamborghini Miura P400 S Is In A LEAGUE OF ITS OWN!!! The Stunning Car That Put Lamborghini ON THE MAP!!!

We need to give credit to Petrolicious because they are making a great job with this car videos or as someone calls them “ little movies “. In this one they present to us a ride test with the amazing old school Lamborghini Miura. It is quite an interesting story how the driver in this video bought his Lamborghini Miura in that time. His name is Dennis Varni and he told us that in the late 1966 when the model came out it had a price of $19,000. Varni in that time bought a house for him and his family for only $11,000 so he said to himself that he will never be able to afford to buy one of these astonishing models. But about a decade later, he managed to buy the Lamborghini Miura. He was saving money about 13 years and finally he bought the car he only dreamed about. He never would have imagined that he is going to have it in his own garage.

Dennis said that the fact that inspired him the most to buy this car it is because it is significant in its styling. It is exotic, unusual, small and cool looking even today. He also said that it has an exciting ride. Varni is counting that he will have this model for a longer period of time, as he said till he is no longer here, so somebody else would have it. We can say that is big legacy and worth having. We bet that all of you already have heard about Lamborghini and their long built trust with their customers. They have never failed them. Just in case you are considering on buying one of those, you are making the right choice, and if you don’t have the amount of money, don’t be disappointed, be like Dennis and one day you will drive a Lamborghini. Enjoy the video!


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