THE LARGEST GLASS-BOTTOM BRIDGE In The World Is Being Built In China Sitting NEARLY 1,000 FEET Over Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon!!!

It should be that everything is built bigger in Texas, but China is way ahead as they are building the World’s largest glass bottom bridge. It is a suspension bridge and it is very hard to build it, but the Chinese people are not giving up so easy and they want to have the biggest things built there.

They will be recognized by the leading construction companies if they pull this off, as they would build one massive bridge and what is more attractive it will have the glass bottom, so that the travelers will have the chance to look down at the mountain and to admire the beauty that comes with it,

The brave workers that signed the contract to work on the world’s largest glass bottom suspension bridge really will have their adrenaline pumped up. Imagine working in these conditions and installing the glass panels on the bridge. It is a demanding job that needs higher concentration than any other job in the world. One mistake and you are gone for good.

Haim Dotan is the brain behind this bridge, he is coming from Israel and he really knows what he wants out of this bridge. The bridge spans 1410 feet and sits nearly 1000 feet above the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon. The great thing about this bridge is that it will have a fully equipped bungee jumping rig, so the thrill just gets higher and higher. The rig will also be the highest in the world, so China is going all in this time.

Highest Glass-Bottom Bridge Under Construction in China - big


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