Tips to Avoid a Truck Accident

Do you know that 57% of truck accidents happen in rural areas? Aside from that, 13% of truck collisions occur on rural interstate highways. On urban interstate highways, the remaining 27% of truck accidents happen. 

If you are always driving a vehicle for various purposes, you might wonder how to avoid truck accidents and collisions. Truck accidents can sometimes be fatal to passengers, crew, and other vehicles. If you want to learn how to prevent truck accidents, let us share some tips to follow.


Actions to do after a Truck Accident

Trucks are large vehicles with powerful motors for transporting goods, supplies, and equipment. These vehicles are perfect for logistics and deliveries. Some trucks often pull trailers and cargo beds. Trucks bring about momentum because of their entire weight while cruising the road. 

Getting involved in a truck collision or accident can cause severe or fatal injuries. Consider yourself a lucky person; suppose you experience a truck collision and survive it. After getting medical help, it is crucial to call a spring tx truck accident attorney to begin the insurance claim. It will also be helpful to snap photos of the scene while speaking with police officers, first responders, and witnesses. 

A truck accident can also cause damage to the surrounding properties. It will be best to leave your vehicle and evacuate surviving members of the collision. We advise you to stay beside the road or find some nearby place of shelter. 

During some accidents, the survivors may have devices at hand for notifying first responders. 

Every vehicle operating daily should have some emergency supplies and signaling equipment. Deploy road flares surrounding the perimeter of the accident. It will help other motorists notice your situation and urge them to call for help. 

If you do not have any signaling equipment in a rural area, we recommend building a small fire at a safe distance from the crashed vehicle. People passing by might take notice and give you a hand.

If you do not have any injuries, we suggest calling 911 or any first responders in the area. They will have the proper training, knowledge, and equipment to deal with physical injuries inside the scene. Also, remember to check the well-being of both your passengers and the driver of another vehicle. Ensure to record their statements, contact information, and the other party’s insurance information.


Tips for Avoiding a Truck Accident

Truck accidents can happen anytime and at any location. Fortunately, many truck carriers operate at night when the roads are free from civilian motorists. However, it does not help prevent accidents and collisions with trucks. 

Defensive driving is a skill that can help motorists from colliding with other vehicles. Nevertheless, you can avoid truck accidents by remembering some driving techniques. We will share tips that can be helpful if you find yourself driving close to a large truck. 


Allot More Space

If you drive on the road with a truck upfront, its larger size will reduce your overall visibility. You might not notice road obstacles, slow or stagnant traffic, construction sites, or hazardous objects. By distancing your vehicle and the truck, you will have enough space to react, maneuver, or stop. 


Leave More Space While In Front of the Truck

All truck models are more prominent than typical civilian vehicles. A truck requires more space to stop with its powerful engine and entire weight. Do not swerve in front of a large car. If you cannot overtake a vehicle, we suggest staying in your lane.


Avoid a Truck’s Blind Spot

A truck’s blind spot is the space where its driver cannot see you. If you cannot see the driver’s face on the truck’s side mirror, the truck driver cannot see you. It is always safer to pass the truck through the driver’s side. Remember that a truck has a wider blind spot on its passenger side. 

Use Caution while a Truck is Turning

When a truck is beginning to turn, remember that its driver has less visibility. Due to its size and weight, a truck requires more clearance to make a turn. Always keep your eyes on a truck if you encounter one while driving. You can avoid a truck accident by allowing it more room to maneuver. 


Truck accidents mainly occur in rural areas where people assume they have enough space to outmaneuver a truck. To avoid truck collisions, you have to keep your distance and allow more room for maneuvering.


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