Tips on Buying a Used Car in the UK

If you’re moving to the UK for the first time and can’t wait to cruise along the winding country roads on the wrong side, it is worth getting your hands on a car that’s up to the task.

Before you go ahead and fork out your hard-earned cash for your new vehicle, however, you should think about what to watch out for in your pursuit of the very best deal.

Here are some tips to hopefully help send you in the right direction.

Finance Options

If you stumble across the dream ride, but you don’t think your credit is up to the task, there is no need to fear; some of the best UK car companies will have a finance team on hand to offer their advice and get you on the road in no time. Just check out Angus MacKinnon for a prime example of a used car dealer who aims to provide quality customer service and support.

Check for the MOT!

Not everywhere has the same vehicle inspection regulations, especially the US, whose laws can wildly differ between states. For example, some states require no inspection whatsoever, whereas others require solely an emissions inspection.

In the UK, it’s illegal to drive a car without an MOT, and if you do end up doing so, there is every chance you will face some nasty consequences, such as fines and insurance troubles.

Moreover, MOTs can be fairly expensive to conduct, and obviously, if a part or two needs replacing, this figure can shoot through the roof.

It is worth keeping your eye out for used cars that have recently passed their MOT so you can be somewhat reassured that the vehicle has some more life left in it. You can save yourself a great deal of time, money, and perhaps even heartache in this area, particularly if you find a model that you love – you wouldn’t want it breaking down a day or two after you bought it!

Tailor Your Needs

While the UK may seem fairly small in comparison to other countries, its landscape is fantastically diverse, and therefore, so are its many roads and routes.

Choosing a model that fits your precise needs should be your top priority. Your needs can be difficult to account for if you haven’t yet gotten a chance to see the lay of the land for yourself, so making sure you can take your prospective vehicle for a test drive should be the best way to go.

Watch Out for Fuel Prices

The cost of fuel in the UK is currently reaching highs of up to the equivalent of $1.99 per liter, so in order to make sure you don’t find yourself reaching deep into your pockets every week, opting for a model with some great fuel efficiency could be your best bet.

Models like the Peugeot 208, the Suzuki Swift, and the Ford Fiesta are all great examples of fuel-efficient and cost-effective choices, but there will likely be no shortage of used cars to try out, so don’t rush into anything without doing some solid investigation first.



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