Top 5 Recommended HID/Xenon Bulbs (2022)


High-intensity discharge (HID)/Xenon headlight bulbs have a lifespan of between 6,000 and 8,000 hours, as compared to the 500 hours or so of use that typical halogen headlight bulbs have.

That pretty much means you don’t buy replacement Xenon headlights as often as you would if your car had halogen headlights, but you will soon need to do so.

Going to your dealer and getting the replacement of HID bulbs installed is the most feasible method of getting them. But this option in all probability will cost you the most. You can buy and replace the bulbs online and save some money.

Another option is to buy the bulb from the closest auto part shop if you wish to change the bulb all by yourself.

Here we reviewed some of the best HID Xenon light bulbs that you can choose from.


#1 Torchbeam® H2 D1S White HID Xenon Headlight Bulb 2Pcs (Recommended)

This headlight bulb has high output. The Torchbeam D1S HID headlight bulb’s 6000K white color temperature has a light output that is three times brighter than that of other lights for superb downward reflection.

The bulb’s lifespan is longer compared to the other headlight bulbs. The D1S xenon HID headlight bulb has a service life of 3000 hours thanks to the highest quality standards used to manufacture this bulb.

The good thing is that Torchbeam D1S HID replacement bulbs are plug-and-play. So, installation is simple and does not require any special tools, wiring, or changes. These bulbs are very energy-efficient.

The D1S HID bulb produces a high intensity of light that produces a very strong beam even though it only needs 35W of power. Just make sure that when installing HID bulbs, always wear cotton gloves. Do not touch the bulbs without wearing gloves as this will reduce the bulb’s lifetime and intensity.



#2 Marsauto H1 D1S White HID Xenon Headlight Bulb by SuncentAuto (Recommended)

Marsauto specializes in producing lighting and car parts that are practical, cost-effective, and long-lasting. While making the headlight they give importance to traffic safety and work to make driving safer and more comfortable.

Consumers put a lot of confidence in this product. Marsauto headlight bulbs are loaded with greater xenon gas, which makes them 200% brighter than regular HID lights and 350% brighter than halogen bulbs.

Increased brightness shows more clearly and over a greater distance. This helps drivers to avoid road risks earlier and to brake more quickly.


#3 Sylvania HID Headlight Bulb

Sylvania is another brand in the headlight market. You have likely seen Sylvania headlight bulbs in the racks of your neighborhood car parts store. It should come as no surprise that its HID

lights are among the good ones available in the market.

Sylvania’s HID replacement bulbs have a long life and exceptional visibility. Although they

have a broad range of applications, their range is not as extensive as other products.


#4 Kensun HID Replacement Bulbs

Kensun is another brand of HID conversion kit. It provides a selection of HID replacement bulbs. Kensun’s bulbs are significantly less expensive, however, they might not last as long. The business also sells combination bulbs for low Xenon/high halogen and high Xenon/halogen DRLs, as well as replacement bulbs for bi-xenon headlights.

You can choose between 35- and 55-watt replacement Kensun bulbs. There are many different color temperatures available. It can range between 3000k to 30000k. You can choose what is safe to use on the road. Higher temperature bulbs may not be allowed in certain places because they produce various colors.

However, there are options for off-road use, including pink and green HID lights, for individuals who want to further make changes in their car. Every bulb comes with a two-year warranty. And they claim to be 100% waterproof, dustproof and shockproof.

The Kensun kits are worth considering if your car already has halogen headlights and you’re looking to update. As most HID kits are mostly meant for off-road use, just be sure they are permitted to be used in your region.


#5 HID Warehouse

Each pair of replacement bulbs comes with two plug-and-play wiring looms, making short work of installation possible. The replacement bulbs are also suitable for the majority of optional HID kits. These bulbs are waterproof and reversible.

It comes in various colors depending on the temperature. It varies from 3000k, 5000k up to 10000k. You should also note that some consumers had problems with their life span.

These bulbs are very reasonable. It also has a huge range of options for bulb types and color temperatures. The good thing is it comes with a two-year warranty.



The goal of this post is to assist you in selecting the finest HID kit for your car. If your automobile has factory-installed headlights, the possibility is that they are halogens and that their

performance is at most acceptable.

Hence, we recommend the SuncentAuto for the headlight bulbs. It provides the facility to buy online at a cost-effective price with a high-quality product. They provide good discounts to the consumers which is an added advantage.

Your car will benefit from new headlights in more ways than just appearance. It will update the car’s appearance while increasing the headlights’ total illuminating power.



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