UNIQUE BICYCLE STUNT – Only The Biker Boy Knows How It Feels To Jump Over 7 People With A Bicycle!

We have seen many acrobats or to be more precise professional bike jumpers doing miracles, even not true when you look at them for the first time. On the internet you can find a lot of these videos – some amateur, some professional.

Someone called DIRT jumping where the bike is rode over cement jumps, people in our case etc. and became airborne. The idea behind this “airborne” word is after jumping the biker aims to land on the landing.

It requires a lot practicing and a lot of falling on the ground, yeah, sounds painful but that’s the truth. Also you need to have some professional bike light weight with aluminum frame, 3D-forged horizontal drop-outs with integrated tensioners, hydraulic disk brake etc. and bike with this characteristics costs more than $1K.

We think that someone used the boy just to record a funny video and upload it on the Internet.

In our video the boy tried to surpass himself with this amateur jump, but what can be said after the epic fail, only he knows how it feels…

Enjoy watching this great video uploaded by YouTube channel MediaFun!


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