USA vs JAPAN: 750HP Blown Dodge Challenger VS. 590HP Nissan GT-R Show Car!

You know that the muscle boys are on steroids and posses extreme power thanks to their pumped muscles. But sometimes isn’t everything in the power you need to think like a Japanese scientist or engineer.

Think about that! And what do you think who will win a fight between American muscle boy which has rude power or Japanese ninja boy which has skills and some smooth and elegant movements? We bet that the Japanese ninja boy will win the fight because it has weapons or maybe we are wrong?

And how about in the cars world, can we compare a 750hp Blown Dodge Challenger with 590hp Nissan GT-R R35? Or maybe there is too big difference in the numbers, exactly 160hp? But do you remember what we’ve just said about the power? Is this power well used and delivered correctly to the rear axle?

So why we don’t give a try to those beasts so they can show us what they’ve got and who is the best or the most skilled? We recommend you to watch the video bellow and find out the absolute winner in the race. And after you’ve watched tell us what you think in the comments and what the difference in the numbers means.


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