USA Vs. Japan EPIC DRIFT BATTLE: Vaughn Gittin Jr. Heads To Niigata, Japan In His 550 HP 5.0L V-8 Mustang RTR TO TAKE ON Daigo Saito’s 650 HP V-12 Lamborghini Built By Liberty Walk And Phat Five Racing!!!

Racing in Niigata, Japan means only one thing. Very exciting and very unpredictable race is ahead of us today, because this track has seen many surprises until now.

For the race we have two monsters preparing to take on each other, who will be the winner, like we said, cannot be predicted. Both teams and drivers are set to go, and everybody is expecting a win there. Daigo Saito and Vaughn Gittin Jr. are ready to perform one hell of a show. The first car that will be racing today is the well-known racer, the very fast and powerful Lamborghini Murcielago. The engine of this car is so big that we don’t know how it fits in this small car. The maximum power of the engine is 650 Horsepower and the capacity is 6.2 Liter.

Now when seeing this statistics of this car, what do you think who is the decent opponent here? Some have guessed already, it is the Mustang RTR, the never forgotten car that can win all races. The Mustang has also a very powerful engine with total output power of 550 HP. Now the Lamborghini looks more like a winner but, it is up to the drivers as well, let the most experienced drifter win.


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