OUR FAVORITE ACTOR FROM F&F – VIN DIESEL is Speaking with His “Helium Voice”! Hilarious!

We all know well who Vin Diesel is and what an iconic character he is in the world of Gearheads. I think that is safe to say that he is a guy that most of us like a lot. Also, we can all agree that the first thing that is coming to our mind when someone mentions the name of Vin Diesel, is a fast and an awesome looking car, especially the well known blown 1970 Dodge Charger from the “Fast and Furious” franchise. I’m sure that you remember him as an appealing action hero from the original “Triple X” movie, where we saw him riding some wacky and improvised skateboards, and driving one highly modified 1967 GTO, as well as other awesome sports cars (if you want to find out about this and other great movie cars, click here). I can continue numbering many things that are associated with this guy, but today we are going to see him in a completely different ‘version’.

It is a video clip from his appearance on the BBC’s Jonathan Ross show, where the famous British comedian and TV host made him to do something very unusual for him. And that is to hear him talking under the influence of Helium, the gas that makes a man’s voice sound completely distorted in a funny way. Now, can you imagine Vin Diesel speaking with such a tiny voice, combined with his muscular and highly macho appearance? We all know how he looks like and how he speaks, which is probably why we are always associate him with some great muscle monsters, in a combination with his movie history of course. But thanks to Jonathan Ross, we can see another side of our favorite action hero, Vin Diesel.

Check out the video and just enjoy it guys.


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