20 Amazing THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT PAUL WALKER! From Buying A Random Couple A $9000 Engagement Ring, To Turning Down A Role….

It’s always great to find out interesting details from the lives of your favorite movie actors or role models. Very often some unusual and unexpected moments in the daily life of these people could ensure us that they are also ordinary people with ordinary lives. Most of us probably think of celebrities as people that have huge egos and do not have enough time to talk to ordinary persons. But here is one example which clearly shows how down to earth can these people be. We already wrote an article about Keanu Reeves caught in a subway train behaving like a true gentleman.

And here is also another Hollywood actor, the late actor Paul Walker who proved this. Did you know that Paul Walker bough a random couple an engagement ring which costs $9000? I’m sure that a lot of fans of the Fast & Furious movie saga would love to find out more amazing and cool things about our beloved hero. Thanks to YouTube user Wackie Wednesday, we can find out what are the 20 things we don’t know about the one and only – Paul Walker.

Enjoy the show my friends! 🙂


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