100% Dancing and Singing Bulldozer! LOL! HIDDEN VIDEO!

Ok, it is not really a bulldozer that can actually sing, but it sure as hell can dance on the beats of the music. And even though some of you have probably seen something like this – heavy machines doing an outstanding performance – the video that we have prepared for you today is something really out of the ordinary, anyway you look at it.

It is one spectacular show, performed by brand new Sany Bulldozer, or by its driver, to be more exact, the kind that you do not have a chance to watch every day, neither on a video, nor in real life. Too bad that the quality of the video clip is not so great, but never the less, believe me when I tell you that it would not effect that much your overall impression from this spectacular performance. It really is something that deserves all of your attention, so go ahead and check it out. I’m pretty sure that you will like it.


2 thoughts on “100% Dancing and Singing Bulldozer! LOL! HIDDEN VIDEO!

  1. Kelly Roberts

    No its not a bulldozer dumvies it’s a frock in track hoe. Dover have a fixed blade that can only go up and down.

    1. Mac

      Hell of a show we got here 🙂

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