100 TON DUMPER Truck Loses 8-Ton Rear Tire! RC Construction Site Accident! Help Is On The Way!

Have you ever thought that a dumper truck can perform this task, be precisely driven on a tight bridge without touching the borders? Consider the fact that the truck driver is positioned above the driving surface and doesn’t have the right view to control the front tires!

It is really amazing and unbelievable how at the beginning the truck made a gentle turn back to match the path and continued. And that’s not all, there are even more impressive things to be watched on this video. The truck in its driving course lost its 8-ton double rear tire and managed to not damage itself! It’s one amazing video filmed by YouTube user RC LIVE ACTION.

And the help is right here, a semi trailer arrives immediately after the accident occurred driving in rear to load his fellow. But, driving on rear on that stiff terrain is more that driving art, yeah, with an enormous trailer, so think twice.

But here is the most impressive part, these are RC trucks scaled and engineered so perfectly that you would start doubting the physics laws. Now watch the full 11-minute video and see the small RC beast in action and don’t forget to leave us comments what you think.


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