Just Watch This CRAZY Action Of A Volvo Dumper And An Excavator! Who Said That Volvo Dumping Trucks Are Not Made For Fun?

Yeah, there are still skeptics left out there, but as the title announce we will convince you with the text and the video bellow.

Maybe this Volvo dumping truck with 23.6 tons of weight reaching maximum speed of 53 km/h (33 mph) doesn’t look as a truck made for fun and drifting, yeah, but it’s capable of doing some cool tricks.

This Volvo A30G dumping truck is powered by Volvo D 11-liter turbocharged diesel engine with 360 hp and 1950 Nm (1438 lb-ft) of torque, enough performance to move this massive monster smoothly and carry 28 tons of load.

With the help from an excavator this performance will show you some interesting movements of the truck’s body which can’t be presented from an ordinary dumping truck and you will see why. This impressive performance was spotted at a fair in Germany.

Watch the video and enjoy in the performance play.

Just one quick note, do you agree that this dumping truck can climb high hills with full load behind like an empty off-road SUV, jumping over the hill?


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