12 V Cummins In 2001 Ford Superduty Tows A 98,000 LB RAIL CAR!!! Had To Move A Car On Our Spur So What Better Than CUMMINS POWER!!!

The Ford Super Duty truck is always equipped with a Powerstroke engine, but what happened with this Super Duty on the video we don’t know. All we know that there is a Cummins under the hood and we like it.

There has been a serious engine swap going on this truck, now featuring the Cummins engine inside and the torque has been raised, not by much but the owner wanted it and he got it. There has never been before a Ford with a Cummins engine and the owner is not sure that he likes it too much now, but he wanted to show the power of the truck and he did.

Now this Cummins equipped Ford Super Duty is towing a rail trailer that is fully loaded and very heavy. There was a struggle in the beginning of the tow, but after the truck moved the trailer a little bit here was no problem after that.

Steel on steel with rollers is not giving much resistance, only the weight needs to be pulled but even though there is not much resistance this stunt is so cool to see, as the Ford with the Cummins engine too.


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