Rides By Kam Offers You This FEARSOME 1500HP 1970 Chevy Nova 572 CI Big Block Chevy With TWIN F2 ProChargers At SEMA 2015! DARE TO RIDE IT?

One of the most powerful cars here on the 2015 SEMA Motor Show, the Chevy Nova made in 1970 featuring a big block Chevy.

We all know what these engines can do on the road and we would like to see what this particular one has to offer, but considering the facts that this engine, the 572 CI Big Block Chevy equipped with the TWIN f 2 ProChargers can give a total output of 1500 horsepower, we are doubting that it is the best one yet. How this team, the Rides by Kam managed to place inside the big block engine is a mystery, but once again they shown their skills when it comes to engines and cars.

And with the twin f 2 ProChargers they made a score on this car. The interior of the car looks really nice and somehow tempting to get inside. The black leather on the seats and the side of the doors is tailored perfectly, no flaws in the design there. Everything on this car is good for the eyes, but we would love to see it on the road.


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