58-Year-Old AMAZING And TIMELESS MASTERPIECE: 1957 Chevrolet Corvette C1 For Sale At RK Motors Charlotte!

In 1951 Chevrolet’s Corvette came into the sports car business, and continued keeping that place until nowadays. What happened back in the history was the release of the year model 1956-1957 which just strengthened the position that Chevrolet already took, with new body, convertible with optional power assistance, rear glass also optional with power assistance. Many novelties for those days.

But maybe exactly those novelties and continual upgrade on the Corvette resulted in what is today, history and present, icon between the sport cars!

Also with this model the V6 was retired and its place took the small-block 283 cubic inches V8 engine rated between 210hp to 240hp depending on the package you’ve ordered.  One of the biggest novelties was the direct fuel injection and ready to race special features with RPO package 579E with 283hp and four-speed manual transmission.

Real classic, and just notice that on this beautiful restoration which is for sale at RK Motors Charlotte, the car is preserved in the stock condition and the engine is singing pure V8 small-block sound. Notice the exhausts, how elegantly are fit on the rear sides! About the interior, white leader seats with brown wooden and chromed details on the dashboard, how classy it looks. Original Delco Radio-hybrid which uses tubes and transistors.

Take a look at this elegant Onyx beauty, we can say the car is ready to act in a retro movie and transport the Godfather!


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