1968 Ford Mustang GT-390 Fastback From The Movie Bullit! Steve McQueen Was Really Lucky Driving This LEGENDARY MUSCLE CAR!!!

The legendary car chase in the 1968 cult movie Bullit was filmed without sound, and this was imposed at the end. It is still being debated, what kind of engines roar in the frame. Someone thinks that the Mustang was imposed a GT40 sound – McQueen squeezes the clutch twice, which means that the vehicle is a racing car. The fate of the Mustang is also much debated. Some believe that not a single car has been preserved.

A few years later the Bullit Mustang was sold through private ads in the “Los Angeles Times” for $ 6000 to the East Coast. In 1974, it was again put up for sale. McQueen saw an ad in “Road & Track“, but too late, the seller from New Jersey said that the car was already bought. McQueen could not even seduce the new owner to sell his car, although agreed that, if he would still it, he will let him know first. Steve died of cancer in 1980, and so the owner had not contacted with him.

The Mustang remained in New Jersey, and then moved to the hay barn in the Ohio River Valley. Over the years, rusted car, and the owner refused all offers to sell it. The most recent news of the car came out of the barn in Tennessee. Amazingly, because then the car has already cost several million dollars. One man captured the deplorable state of the machine at the request of David Kunz, a fan of “Bullitt“, but these photos are never published.


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