1973 AMC Javelin Ultra Tech Racing Engines 221B At 2015 SEMA Motor Show: COULD THIS BE YOUR NEW DRAG RACING WEAPON?

A drag racing car at the SEMA Motor Show is the nicest thing to see, not because of the shape of the car or the paint, but because of the engine and all the tuning and all the modified parts that are put together in order to make the fastest drag race car.

This 1973 AMC Javelin has been updated originally from its predecessors, and it is the best looking car out of all series made from 1964 to 1974. There were a lot of versions of this car, with small engines made for city driving to big block engines muscled up for racing out of the factory. This particular model seen at the SEMA Motor Show is a 1973 model with the muscle engine and it has been massively modified in order to meet today’s drag racing standards.

It has massive cooling radiator with big pipe going to the block of the engine in order to cool it at high rpm as it knows to get really hot while racing. Big rear tires has been mounted on it because it needs bigger friction in the drag race.

Play the video and see this gorgeous 1973 AMC Javelin Ultra Tech Racing Engines 221B Drag Car.


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