1977 Pontiac Trans Am Convertible Special Edition SIMPLY AMAZES PEOPLE At SEMA Motor Show 2015 With Its Beauty!!!

This car had something special carrying with it, maybe the nostalgia for those years where having a Trans Am would mean anything in the world. You would be the guy with the Trans Am, spoken with respect for the car and for you.

This magnificent masterpiece of Trans Am has been showed at the SEMA Motor Show just to remind us how good this car still is. It is a convertible 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am special edition, built for the SEMA Motor Show. On the hood there is the recognizable sign for the firebird cars and it just fits it. The headlights are not the originals, they have been changed in order to make this car modern looking with retro style engine mash.

The engine is still the original the 6.6 liter massive engine that has been rated at 200 horsepower when it is stock, but now after the modifications and the tuning we are sure that the team doubled the power on the engine. It still has the original chromed valve covers that look vintage but they are custom made and exactly same as the original. Check it out here:


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