2 MILLION VIEWS! This Drive Thru Robot Driver Prank Will Definitely Make Your Day!!!

These past few years we can see many people doing prank videos and I’m sure that all of you have already watched some of the famous YouTube Prankers who are able to make the whole world laugh.

Today we have the famous You Tube pranker, Magicof Rahat with his drive thru robot driver prank. In the prank that he is doing today he have set up a robot that he has build in a fake driving seat of his car and he is driving through a drive thru restaurants ordering fast food and scaring the employs. This prank has reached over 2 million views on his YouTube channel and to be honest it is one of my favorite pranks that he has done. What I love about his pranks is that they are harmful and every single one is funny. If you take a look at this prank you will see some epic moments of how people react when they see the robot driving the car and talking to them.

Take a look at the prank video and be sure that your day will start off with a laugh.


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