2015 Tesla Model S P85D FURIOUSLY FIGHTING In A 1/4 Mile Race Against Ferrari 458 Italia!!! SEE THE OUTCOME!

It is certainly always interesting to see electric cars compete with super sport cars and most people would think that there are small chances for the electric to win. Here is the latest type of Tesla Model S, which has a larger battery than the original model Model S, taking a dash against the Ferrari 458 Italia.

This new type of Tesla Model, S P85D, is capable of producing power of 691 horsepower and 864 pound-feet of torque. The Ferrari 458 Italia has 562 horsepower and lacks the 129 horsepower in Tesla and in addition has considerably less torque, i.e. 429. The acceleration time of both cars is almost equal: the Tesla needs 3.2 s to accelerate 0-60 mph, while the 458 Italia needs 3.0 s.

As a result, all is decided by the weight: the Italia weighs 1485 kg and the Tesla Model S P85D owned by Allen Wong as much as 2239 kg.

So prepare yourselves to see a great quarter mile race on the highway between these powerful vehicles in the video below. Enjoy this terrific speed show! 🙂


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