5 Car Modifications That Add Value

There are both pros and cons to modifying your vehicle. In some cases, modifications can increase the resale value substantially, while in others, modifications can devalue your vehicle.

But aside from the impacts on value, modifications can give your vehicle a unique appeal and improve performance.

Nevertheless, if you’re hoping to modify your vehicle in a way that boosts the resale value, we’ve listed five mods you should consider.


Interior Upgrades

Interior upgrades can completely transform the driving experience. But instead of opting for those cheap removable seat covers, reupholstering the seats and redoing the dash can have a substantially positive impact on the resale value of your vehicle.

Utah custom car shops can assist with interior upgrades like upgrading the electronics and even installing heated seating.


A New Exhaust System

Opting for an aftermarket exhaust system can also add a valuable touch to your vehicle. But beyond pumping up the value a bit, this modification will also boost engine performance substantially.

However, it’s vital not to go overboard with this aftermarket installation because an exhaust that’s too large or too loud can have adverse impacts on vehicle value.


New Suspension

Installing a new suspension system in your vehicle will naturally enhance the resale value. Moreover, this vehicle improvement will increase performance and driving experience as well.

A new suspension system will automatically boost vehicle handling. But even so, it’s essential to stick to a reasonable suspension system height because you’ll be harming your car’s resale value if the suspension isn’t standard.


A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Repainting your vehicle can also increase the resale value, especially if there are currently a few scratches or marks on the car.

However, it’s crucial to opt for a color that will attract potential buyers. So, avoid unusual colors and stick to one color. If you’re unsure, opt for neutral shades like white, silver, or black.


New Tires And Rims

If your vehicle currently showcases hub caps, replacing them with more valuable rims will boost the resale value instantly. Moreover, a new set of tires will do the same.

These improvements will also enhance the driving experience and boost handling. Nevertheless, it’s key to avoid tires and rims that are too lavish, as this could deter potential buyers and drop the resale value.


Car Modifications That Harm Resale Value

There are also modifications to avoid if you are planning on selling your vehicle in the long run.

Modified exhaust systems that surpass the standard systems, lowered suspension, vehicle stickers, novelty decals, spinning rims, tinted windows, and tinted headlights all have adverse impacts on a car’s resale value. Moreover, spoilers, customer numberplates, and modified sound systems are also modifications to avoid.

With that said, if you’re thinking about modifying your vehicle, but you aren’t too sure how the mod will impact your vehicle’s value, consult a custom car shop to determine how each modification might impact value. It’s also wise to stick to standard improvements and avoid mods that alter vehicle appearance too much.


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