WOW! 6.7 Cummins With Totally Insane Burnouts! – This Guy Is On FIRE!

Almost everyone who loves big machines with powerful engines, also love to watch nasty rubber burnouts and clouds of smoke, as a result of all that power and strength under the hood, and the personal need to show off and leave your signature on the asphalt. And I think that we can all agree that for creating those huge smokes, diesel motors are undoubtedly the best choice. That is why we keep on showing you different video clips that are involving mighty trucks, powered by a big diesel engine.

Today we have prepared just the right thing for all those who are belonging in this group of burnouts fans, a powerful and beastly 6.7 Cummins truck, a product of Tyler Baker at PRT Diesel, from Peckham, in Colorado. It will not be an exaggeration if I tell you that it has been quite a while since I have seen such brutal monster, able to do a lot of damage on the road and create huge clouds of smoke. And as the info about it goes, it is still not completely finished, but it is in its first step of the building process, so we can only imagine what it would look and sound like when it will be completed.

So, if any of this sounds appealing to you, check out the video and feast your eyes with the Cummins ultimate diesel power, and if you want to find out more about the 6.7 liter and 5.9 liter Cummins diesel motors, go to this link.


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