6 Cool Accessories to Add to Your New Car


Just bought a new car? The journey has just begun! While you are done with the biggest challenge, there is still a long road to travel – unless you don’t want to equip your dream vehicle with cool accessories!

Whether you are preparing to gear up for a fun road trip or wish to ensure that your car is as comfortable as possible for your daily school and office runs, there are various upgrades available that make any journey safe, smooth, and enjoyable.

Unless you have purchased a high-end car, to begin with, here are the top accessories that will boost the functionality of your vehicle.


  1. Car Covers

Don’t you think car covers are cool? Well, what surely is not cool is having a dusty and dirty car! We cannot stress just how important car covers are.

It helps keep your vehicle protected from rain, sunlight, dust, scratches, and even bird droppings! Usually, car covers are given when you purchase a new car. But, for those of you who wish to make a statement, the simple black car covers might appear boring.

It turns out that you can choose from various prints. Get customized covers, too, if you feel like it. This way, your car will remain protected as well as reflect your personality, all at the same time.


  1. Subwoofer

The music you play in your car decides how the ride will be. It sets the mood as well as makes long-distance traveling bearable. And if you are traveling with your friends, you need quality music – and gear.

This is why getting a car subwoofer is a must. This accessory adds more punch to the sound system of your vehicle. The types of subwoofer available include component, enclosed, powered, and vehicle-specific woofers. Remember, which is ideal for you depends on your vehicle as well as sound needs.

The best bet is to look for subwoofers within your area so that you can easily replace them in case you make an error in choosing the accessory. Simply search “car subwoofers near me” to find local providers of subwoofers.


  1. Smart Dash Cam

If you have ever had to argue with an insurance company, trying to convince them with all your might that a given accident was not your fault, you would know that the experience is anything but pleasant. Having visual proof of an accident helps in smoothening the process immensely.

Smart dash cams allow you to record road activity in excellent quality. The smart feature lets you transfer the given footage from the camera onto your phone or desktop. Additionally, the dash cam can track your GPS as well as your car speed to provide a fair reporting of the incident.

Again, there are various smart dash cams to choose from. Select according to your budget, required features, and durability.


  1. Custom-Fit Floor Liners

COVID-19 has somewhat transformed the tourism industry. The idea of sitting in a closed space with strangers for hours is not something people are yet comfortable with. Not to mention that closure of international borders mean that people only have the option of traveling within their countries.

This has led to a significant increase in the popularity of road trips. Now, the more distance covered in a car, the messier the inside will get. And if you have just bought a new car, this imagery is nothing short of a nightmare for you!

This is where custom-fit floor liners come in. Compared to plain old floor mats, these liners don’t leave any space unprotected. Not to mention that they are highly durable and deep enough to prevent any liquid spillage from seeping through them.

Find floor liners that best match your car’s interior. Place them wall-to-wall (and even sides if you want to) and rest easy during long road trips.


  1. Multi-pin charger

Regardless of how great the battery life is advertised for a given phone, it turns out that after use, most smartphones end up having a dismal battery life! The same is also true for laptops. This can be a huge challenge when you don’t have time to charge your phone in the morning or when you are traveling across cities.

What if you could charge your devices while en route, all at once?

A multi-pin charger allows you to do so. Buy ones with high compatibility to charge everything on the go, whether it be your camera or your phone. While you are at it, also get an auxiliary input via which you could connect your phone to the vehicle’s stereo system.

Make sure to avoid the cost-effective chargers since they don’t function well and end up damaging the battery more.


  1. Tire Safety Monitor

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, an average of 33,000 accidents happen every year due to faulty tires! This is quite a harrowing statistic when you consider the fact that faulty tires can easily be corrected.

However, what goes wrong is the identification process. It is hard to keep track of the tire pressure at all times and ensure that it is within the safe limit.

Thanks to modern technology, now you can easily monitor the pressure via your smartphone. You have to find a quality tire safety monitor that detects all slow pressure leaks. This way, you can get notified before things get out of hand.


Ending Remarks

Once you enter the world of car accessories, there is no going back. Every other addition will seem cool and innovative. We have mentioned the six accessories that will help make your car journey safe and smooth.

You can check your budget and see which other additions you think will further elevate your riding experience. For now, equip yourself with the six cool accessories and start gearing up for your first trip!

Are there any specific accessories that you included in your car that changed your car riding experience? Let us all know by commenting below!


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