Guy BEGGING FOR A ROOM IN PRISON Makes A Burnout With BMW E46 M3 In Front Of The POLICE! :) LOL

What is your favorite thing about cars? Well I’m sure that the list is long but when it comes to the top 10 things I will for sure say something like Burnouts and police car chance. In this video we have both, which is very rare to find.

In this short video you will have the chance to see something very brave and something very exciting. A guy with a BMW M3 E46 is doing burnout in front of the police and after that they started chasing him. I have to say that this man had some courage and I give my full respect to him. Not every man can provoke the police like that; most of us are scared but not this guy. What I love most about this video is that I had the chance to see my two favorite things in a single minute and in one video. Although I would not mind if the video was a bit longer but I don’t complain.

I do suggest for all of you to play the video and watch it. If you like the video don’t forget to share it with your friends so they can watch it as well. Also leave some nice comment and at the end just enjoy the video!


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