Beautiful Turbo 5.3L Z28 Camaro With EAR-PIERCING 2-Step And WILD Squirrelly Launches – It Definitely Made For Some Entertaining Racing!

Having the 6-speed transmission on the turbo Z28 Camaro is the best thing that you can upgrade. The original version of the Camaro of this series comes with the five speed normal tranny and it is not so good like this one. Here you have the span of the gears shorter, the engine can rev faster in the lower gears and then when you hit the sixth gear you will be rocketed away on the race track. Or on the streets? Because it is said that this Z28 Camaro is the best street race car that could be found and we don’t doubt that at all.

Going on the street races with the Camaro could mean one thing only, gaining respect. The respect among the other racers is the most important thing to have, more important than money on the streets. And this driver has all the respect that he could have asked for. The car that is next to the Camaro and the driver knows that they cannot beat it at all but it is worth the shot. After this the driver can say that he has been racing against the turbocharged Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 that is ruling the streets.

Don’t think that we are encouraging the street racing, we just like the cars that are used in it. There were a lot of man hours placed on this great looking and great sounding Camaro. The clean build comes from a professional shop which will take anybody’s money and they will make the racing beast that you have always been waiting for.

If you see this thing on the road, better stay out of his way because it will run you over and finish its race that has been started few seconds ago and it will finish as soon as the other car cannot be seen in the mirror.


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