These Cool Russians Know THE BEST WAY To Start The New Year: Here Is Some MOUTH-WATERING DRIFTING ON ICE!!!

Drifting on the ice can mean one thing only, fun. Drifting on the ice can be fun as hell because the car and the engine are not struggling to make the drift. It is very easy for the tires to slide on the ice, without making the engine run for its money and the tires are safe too.

The tires are safe because there is almost no grip and traction on the ice, the tires are not burned down to the wires while drifting. That makes the ice drifting cheap, fun and great thing to do in the winter times when there is nothing else to do.

The engine is not running for its money because it needs only less power to spin those wheels on the ice, making the drift spectacular at low RPM only, without wasting too much gas too. The hard thing is left for the driver.

It is very hard to steer a car that is drifting on the ice because of no grip situation, the driver needs to open his four eyes at all times. One mistake and there he goes, down the hill destroying his precious ride in the trees and bushes.


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