Gary Gallopin And His BMW 3-Series E30 With PRETTY NASTY AND PISSED OFF S54B32 Engine Drifting In Italy!!!

The BMW E30 has been around for many years in the racing world, and there are a lot of teams and mechanics that have tried to make the fastest and the best one out there.

Here on this video we have a special BMW E30 that has been so customized that now it is the ultimate race and drift car, with the best engine sound. It sounds so sweet on the track, while drifting, with the sleek lines of the body and the perfect rims mounted on it.

This BMW E30 has an S54B32 engine mounted on it, to give maximum power to the tires and to make it the best drift car ever. It is a BMW, so it has the rear wheel drive with the perfect differential for drifting, it is a not hard task to do when you have good setup on the car and a powerful engine under the hood.

But drifting doesn’t require only powerful engine and new tires, it requires practice as well, as this driver has done, practicing a lot to make this video for us, so we can enjoy this BMW E30 making the perfect drift.


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