BREATHTAKING Black Dragon: Witness This TERRIFYING 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle Pro-Tourer!

Luxuriously smooth design that manifest huge performances under the hood with big block V8 which unleashes killing power which manufactures mighty throat growls! You’ve never seen and heard something similar, be sure on that! Ladies and gentlemen we introduce you the 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle.

Fully restored body with modern interior inside to match your modern life needs but provide you old school muscle performances, we can only add on this: The pleasure is granted with this breathtaking black dragon!

Powered by big block 468 cubic inches V8 you know what to expect when you press the throttle releasing 365 experienced horses which have taken a lot of races and speed tracks, but that’s not all to be even more pleasurable for driving this 1967 Chevelle at RK Motors comes with tweaked air suspension!

What else you need, technologically advanced old-school muscle car at its finest, best performance matching your modern hi-tech needs. Every panel of the car is fully restored to fit the body even better than the factory made it, it is really taken care for this Impala!

Now watch the video bellow and see from close what this 1967 Chevelle has to offer.


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