This Chevy Duramax ‘Glycerine’ With 2,000 Ft/Lbs Of Torque COULD PULL THE EARTH In The OPPOSITE DIRECTION!

We prove you many times until now that you can’t allow yourself to underestimate the diesel power. Yeah, maybe you are not in “love” with it, you hate the black smoke that comes from the exhaust, the little different sound from the engine etc.

But one thing is certain, it can be nasty powerful as any other fuel type machine and all that is supported by Chevy Duramax diesel powered trucks. You can find a lot of testimonials and videos on the internet proving the durability of the diesel Duramax.

What are we going to show you in the video is unique, one of a kind, special Chevy Duramax with nickname Glycerine.

We are sure that the nickname has nothing to do with the real meaning: viscous liquid that dissolves in water, but it sounds mighty. How much mighty, you need to watch the video and see the smoke from the exhaust combined with the engine’s sound like the door from hell is opening. We bet that this Duramax has more than 2,000 lb-ft of torque but we cannot guess the horsepower beneath the hood, 800hp maybe? Tell us what you think and share with us if you have more details about this monster Chevy Duramax Glycerine which can pull the moon closer to the Earth.


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