WHO WINS? Nice Lifted Chevy Duramax Takes On An Old Peterbilt Semi Truck In A SPECIAL Drag Race!

Would you think of racing a semi-trailer truck in the quarter mile with your Diesel Truck? We all pass semi trucks all the time on the highway when they are heavily loaded towing a trailer behind.  But without thousands of pounds towing behind them, the question arises just how fast these trucks are?

Well, the driver of this lifted Chevy Duramax truck decides to find out and challenge a Peterbilt semi truck in a drag race. This old Peterbilt Semi is a late 1980’s model so it is pushing about 425 hp. What you’re about to see is probably the slowest drag race in history.

In the end, the Duramax won the race. However, even though the Duramax does end up winning the match, it ran the quarter mile in almost 20 seconds, which is not something to brag about.  We’re pretty sure that there are some stock minivans that could pass the quarter mile in 20 seconds…This is surely a great looking truck but we think the owner might have forgotten to do some power modifications and boost up the Duramax!  


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