Welcome to CLASSIC CAR PARADISE Called Elgin Park: A Photo-Realistic Car Town Of The 1950s At 1:24 Scale!

If you are passionate in collecting rare masterpiece cars, but you are not in that financial situation don’t be desperate, you won’t need to wait a lifetime to afford that pleasure.

Instead of buying real ones, you can collect small, inexpensive copies with astonishing details preserved on them. Meet maestro Michael Paul Smith, model builder who has transformed his passion for cars into an art combined with nostalgia for an era that is already in the sunset.

That’s how he built Elgin Park Town which he inhibited with his custom made car models. Using his professional knowledge of photography, he is taking photos from the city like snapshots from an old album. In his imagination this is the perfect town from the 1950s.

Believe us, you won’t recognize it if we didn’t tell you that this town is scaled 1:24! How impressive, because this artist in his photos bring it to perfection.

Great news is that his collection book or photo album is going on sale soon. Watch the video below to see what is the spark that evolved into fire and influenced Paul to create this heritage he has today.


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