CRANES LIFTING OTHER CRANES At Liebherr’s Customer Days 2012 In Ehingen! This Is A CRANE FAMILY SHOW!!!

Yeah, imagine the scenario, crane picks up a crane, another crane picks up both cranes and finally the fourth crane picks up the three cranes! Whole string of cranes hanging in the air, only one is on the ground!

Think about this: You have a company that produces cranes. How will you prove to the potential clients that your cranes are tough enough and can lift massive weights? Of course you cannot just send them one to play with it because they are quite expensive!  You still don’t know?

Here it is, take the idea from Liebherr, the imagined scenario is actually theirs, and that is a PR video which shows the capability and stability of the cranes. This footage was made during the Customer Days 2012 in Ehingen, Germany.

Liebherr wanted to show the world that their LR 11300 is the most powerful conventional crane in the world yeah, we mean on the conventional design. This crane’s lifting moment is 65.000 tm and it can lift the load up to 144 meters!

In the video the strongest family member LR 11.300 picked the 1.080 tone LR 11.350 younger brother which picked the 288 tone LR 1350 which picked the 62 tone (the smallest brother of the family) LR 1100. Watch the video and see how it’s done.


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