CRAZY Lime-Green 1972 Plymouth Satellite Station Wagon With HUGE 7.4L 440 V8-Engine Still Rumbling And MAKING SOME AWESOME SOUNDS!!!

When looking at this 1972 Plymouth Satellite custom made it is same like when you see a Volvo Station Wagon. Now this is a wagon all right but we have never seen one like this and fast like this one. It has the 7.4L 440 V8-engine under the hood that will make sure enough power is delivered to the wheels of the car. The paint is Lime green as we can see and maybe not the smartest choice of color but what else could you paint this wagon with.

The sound that is coming from this Plymouth Satellite custom built is awesome, it is so because it has the barrel in the middle and long pipes going under it. There is sound amplification and that’s why it has the killer sound out of it. The engine here does it its job too, and at idle it is great runner.

There is no hood mounted on the body of the car because there is no way you could cover the great engine. It must be seen by everybody that it passed by and it takes all the looks in the world. There is large air intake sticking out of it that makes it look even better. There is a cruise done with the car and the driver wanted to show off with his brand new Lime custom built Plymouth Satellite.

This car is intended for drag racing too, as we can see that there are wide type tires mounted on the back wheels. It can smoke the opponents no doubt there, only the best driver will be needed behind the wheel of this crazy ride.

A rookie cannot handle the power of the 7.4-liter V8 engine that wants to jump right off the car and start racing all by itself. Strong hands behind the wheel will take this custom Plymouth Satellite to the top.


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