WISE LESSON TO BE LEARNED: Doing A Burnout On A Brand New iPhone 6S Is ABSOLUTELY NOT The Smartest Thing To Do!!!

Ever since the new iPhone 6s came out, tons of You Tubers did a review video about it and if you go on to YouTube and search for iPhone 6s reviews you will find all sorts of videos. But the videos that I like the most are the ones where people are testing the 6s with all sorts of things. I have seen a guy dropping his 6s in lava and much crazier stuff than that. But in this video that I have chose to share with you guys for today, you will have the chance to see what will happen if a Italian pocket motorcycle do a burnout on the iPhone’s screen.

If you can predict this than I’m sure you are already an owner of a 6s and you already know that they are pretty tough. This guy did a 1 minute burnout directly on the iPhone’s 6s screen and the results were mind-blowing. To be honest I was expecting this but it is always shocking to see it at the end. After the full burnout the guy took the IPhone 6s and he was able to slide the touch screen without any problem.

Enjoy the video and feel free to share it!


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