Our Gift To You – EPIC BURNOUT With Motorcycle On The Streets To Make Your Day And Life COMPLETELY AWESOME!!!

Just a few days ago Holy Engines posted on their YouTube channel a video with one of the best burnout moments that I’ve ever seen in my life. Bunch of wild speed addicts gathered and went for a crazy driving on the streets in some city in the U.S. The bravest of them all, and in my opinion, the coolest went straight to write his name in history. He was driving his racing motorcycle with an awesome burnout celebrating automotive joy and pleasure.

As a result of this wild burnout, the rear tire on the bike was completely split in two at the end of this incredible journey.

I sure envy the people that watched this event in person. They had a unique chance to witness such an amazing performance. Although executions like this can jeopardize the traffic, it’s still cool to see young talented guys with extraordinary skills doing what they’re best at. Kudos to you fellows, you definitely made my day! 🙂


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