FULLY RESTORED 1957 Chevrolet COE Body Over A Semi Engine Is Looking Better Than Any Truck You Have Ever Seen!!!

Have you ever seen how an old Semi truck looks like? Well if you haven’t seen one before this is your chance to witness a fully restored and custom build 1957 Chevrolet Cab Over Engine (COE) truck that looks just perfect!

In  this short video (30 seconds) we can see a black 1957 Chevrolet truck that has been restored and let me just say from the start it might look even better then it did back in 1957. As I said, the video is short so we can’t see much of the truck but just from those short shots of the truck we can notice his character and his charm. It has fully black body with shiny silver wheels and shiny exhaust pipes that are coming out of the side of the truck. Also at the end of the video the owner shows us that this amazing truck also has air suspension on his wheels, so he just puts down to the ground his whole truck.

This is just an amazing truck that is worth seeing. I hope we encounter more restored old-timer trucks like this. Enjoy!


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